UAE expects COVID19 curbs removed before Expo2020

Abu Dhabi announced resuming tourism activities and opening doors for international visitors from July 1 by lifting quarantine requirements. In 16th May 2021, Abu Dhabi’s decision to remove Covid-19 restrictions from July 1 is a very good sign that everything is getting under control since the UAE capital is very strict when it comes to the pandemic. Similarly, the government of Dubai has also further lifted the curbs and started allowing vaccinated residents and visitors to attend concerts and community events . In addition, live entertainment and activities are also allowed in restaurants, cafes and shopping malls for a trial period of one month that have already started in 17th May which can be extended. Dubai is one of the first cities worldwide to open in July 2020 and didn’t close since then, as authorities have been balancing the economy and [...]

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Extra Health and Safety EXPO 2020 updates

In The line with the UAE's effort in combatting  COVID19, health, safety and well-being of all participants is the highest priority in the upcoming Expo 2020. With the Expo 2020 Dubai being held in October 2021, strict regulations and stringent social distancing is, and will be continuously implemented for all official participants and everyone working for the Expo 2020 Dubai. Virtual inspections of staffs accommodation as well COVID19 vaccinations for all employees and their families are just few of the measures that are being carried out as part of the Expo 2020's programme to the safeguard all participant, workforce, suppliers, contractors and visitors. The Expo 2020 Committee ensures compliance with the most recent guidelines from leading medical, science and health experts such as the UAE Ministry of Health and prevention and Dubai Health Authority and with an up to date advice [...]

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