Established in 2002, Oryx World Real Estate is a multi-award winning real estate company with an active property network that spans over 40 countries. A full-service brokerage that offers wide-ranging client support for investors looking to buy real estate in Dubai, Oryx specialise in the purchase, sale and lease of residential and commercial properties in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai and Abu Dhabi). It also has operations in the US, UK and mainland Europe.

Impressive access to both residential and commercial property citywide, the company markets premium properties and high calibre local and international off-plan developments at competitive prices. Comprehensive sales support and concierge services relating to Dubai home sales are also superb.

Oryx World’s success is based on extensive industry experience and real estate skill. The team is dedicated to the property markets in which they operate, and the company’s continued success stems from an ability to offer exceptional properties, confident real estate investment projections, and regular market intelligence insights.

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