With future-ready infrastructure providing access to two-thirds of the world’s most attractive growth markets, Dubai has developed its geographical location advantage. The infrastructure is highly developed, with ports and airports serving as some of the most active gateways into the region for business, commerce and tourism. It is the chosen regional headquarters for 70 percent of Fortune 500 companies.

Regionally, with its reputation for stability, reliability and a lowrisk environment, Dubai acts as the gateway to the Middle East, Asia and Africa. It consistently ranks at the top of the region on the indicators related to governance, government effectiveness, political stability, quality of regulation, and the rule of law. It is a key driver of accelerating movement of knowledge, capital, goods, services and talent.

Dubai occupies a unique location in the world. Its direct market in the Middle East Indian Subcontinent and Africa is 2.4 billion consumers and 2/3 of the world’s population is connected to Dubai through an eight-hour flight.

Source: Dubai Advantage,