I still remember, after a long interview with Ms. Jen, I looked around the OWBC facility, I dreamed of being selected and being able to work in a beautiful and orderly environment. Thank God and Ms. Jen, the Oryx World Business Center has given me a great opportunity. And I now realize that I am sitting on the frontline, like the reaction of different people, amazed at the beauty of the Oryx World facility. I am proud to belong to the Oryx World family!

Currently, I am working at Oryx World for one year and 6 months as the Admin / Receptionist of the company. In my spare time, I like to arrange my belongings, reading inspirational books and roam near my place with my scooter.

Since I was a child, with my 2 siblings, we have been zealous in Church service, but I never considered becoming a nun. I just love being in a group of people, with the same habits and the same beliefs. With the ambiguity going on in the world because of the Pandemic, I’m not entirely sure where I see myself in five years. I know I want to continue developing my skills in this field and I want to know more about it. Regardless of what happens, I know I want to keep learning and growing within the role and outside of it.