When I was younger I wanted to be in the field of medicine so that I can take care of my parents if they become sick and perhaps, give my friends discounts if they need any consultation, but then when I was already in college, it felt like my career path was leading me to be in the corporate world. I came to know about Oryx World through Joy Kirby in 2016 and then became a part of the team for more than 2 years now. My role here is assistance on company formation and government liaison services, management of property portfolios, and administration support.

I enjoy hanging out with my colleagues and listening to their life stories, that is something I will definitely always remember. I’m also blessed to have THE most adorable parents, 3 annoying and at the same time lovable siblings, 2 talented nieces and a nephew. I feel strongly about animal welfare, I have 6, and still counting, of the sweetest dogs.

When I’m not working I like watching movies and documentaries as well as reading books and articles. I also like travelling and trying out new experiences which can be personal or can potentially help boost my career. I would like to travel the world and maybe outer space and live in a world with peace and no more hunger. In the future, I hope to book my ticket to see Mars – Bruno Mars, just kidding!