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Year 2020 is a tough year for all of us. This pandemic leads me and became one of the reason why I’m with Oryx World Business Center. I been working for 5 months now as Receptionist and in every single day, everything/everyone is so approachable & kind. When I have spare time outside, I loved going out with my family, travelling with my friends but when I’m home I loved reading novel books and watching series. My first most memorable thing happened to me here at Oryx, I still remember it was my Birthday (year 2021), I never expect that OWBC staff will surprise me even its just my 2nd day since I start with them, simple birthday cake means so much for me. And so far, I’m still getting to know each one of my colleague slowly slowly. Years from [...]

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I still remember, after a long interview with Ms. Jen, I looked around the OWBC facility, I dreamed of being selected and being able to work in a beautiful and orderly environment. Thank God and Ms. Jen, the Oryx World Business Center has given me a great opportunity. And I now realize that I am sitting on the frontline, like the reaction of different people, amazed at the beauty of the Oryx World facility. I am proud to belong to the Oryx World family! Currently, I am working at Oryx World for one year and 6 months as the Admin / Receptionist of the company. In my spare time, I like to arrange my belongings, reading inspirational books and roam near my place with my scooter. Since I was a child, with my 2 siblings, we have been zealous in Church [...]

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When I was younger I wanted to be in the field of medicine so that I can take care of my parents if they become sick and perhaps, give my friends discounts if they need any consultation, but then when I was already in college, it felt like my career path was leading me to be in the corporate world. I came to know about Oryx World through Joy Kirby in 2016 and then became a part of the team for more than 2 years now. My role here is assistance on company formation and government liaison services, management of property portfolios, and administration support. I enjoy hanging out with my colleagues and listening to their life stories, that is something I will definitely always remember. I’m also blessed to have THE most adorable parents, 3 annoying and at the same [...]

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Growing up I changed my mind a couple of times about what I wanted to do. In my early school days, I thought I should become a priest but later I realised that, “It’s not my cup of tea”. Later I chose finance as my higher education with the object to become a professional in that field. I was then introduced to Oryx World and have been here for a year and a half. I’m the Accountant of the company so I prepare the financial records and handle all receivables and payables. “I hope to be in a senior level management position eventually”. The great thing about here are the unexpected birthday celebrations organised by the colleagues. I have a very small but beautiful family that consists of four members. My father is a farmer and my mother is a homemaker. [...]

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I have been working in Oryx World for 3 years. “I have a great interest in what our organization in achieving with clients’ satisfaction”. When I was part timer in Oryx, they gave me a chance to work with them as full time. “I love that our company emphasizes professional development opportunities”. I would take full advantage of the educational resources available because I wanted to become a successful woman when I was younger.  My role here is to greet and welcome clients and visitors, assist our clients, answer calls, administrative work and monitor listings. My long-term goals involve growing with a company where I can continue to learn, take on additional responsibilities, and contribute as much value as possible to the team. In my spare time I like to explore, go out with friends, watch movies and read books. I [...]

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When one of my friends told me that Oryx is looking for an Office Boy, I immediately applied for the job and that was more than four years ago. I serve tea, coffee and water for my boss and our clients. I also clean the office, check the supplies for the office and pantry and assist the clients’ needs. The parties at Christmas and employee’s birthdays are memorable moments for me. I want to take care of my family back in Sri Lanka and support their needs, especially financially. There are five members in my family including me, my father, father-in-law, mother-in-law and my lovely wife. I really enjoy playing games and going out with my friends to watch movies. “My goal is to become successful in life and become a good husband and father to my future kids, and to travel [...]

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“I am motivated to work because Oryx World is a number one growing business centre”. Hopefully in five years I will be living back in my home country of Sri Lanka and running my own business in tourism. The last time I went home was 18 months ago. I have been here nearly five years and got the position as Messenger through one of my colleagues. I like bikes, but inconsiderate drivers make me angry. My hobbies are riding which I have been doing for 18 years, and going to the gym, but to be honest I have no spare time because I dedicate all my time to work. “If I had three wishes, I would cure all the cancer patients and people who are terminally ill, second to live a peaceful and happy life with my family and third, to [...]

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